AHRC Business Links: Creating Inclusive Workplaces for All

Introduction AHRC Business Links is a valuable online resource that serves as a bridge between businesses and AHRC Nassau, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This article explores the various resources available on AHRC Business Links and the benefits of fostering inclusive workplaces.

What is AHRC Business Links

 AHRC Business Links is a website designed to provide businesses with essential resources and information on collaborating with AHRC Nassau. It acts as a central hub for businesses interested in creating inclusive work environments.

Who is AHRC Nassau

AHRC Nassau is a nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They offer a wide range of services and support to empower individuals and promote their integration into society.

Resources Available on AHRC Business Links

AHRC Business Links offers a wealth of resources to help businesses understand and accommodate the needs of individuals with disabilities. These resources include:

  • Training Videos Access training videos that cover topics such as making the workplace accessible, providing support to employees with disabilities, and effective communication with individuals with disabilities.
  • Evaluation Documents Utilize evaluation documents to assess the specific needs of employees with disabilities and develop personalized accommodations.
  • Resource Guides Explore comprehensive guides on various employment and disability-related topics, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), job accommodations, and financial assistance programs.

Benefits of Hiring People with Disabilities 

Employing individuals with disabilities offers several advantages for businesses:

  1. Increased Productivity Diverse teams, including individuals with disabilities, bring fresh perspectives and ideas, contributing to enhanced productivity.
  2. Reduced Turnover Creating an inclusive workplace fosters employee loyalty and reduces turnover rates, ultimately saving on recruitment and training costs.
  3. Improved Morale Inclusive workplaces boost employee morale by demonstrating a commitment to diversity and fostering a culture of acceptance.
  4. Increased Customer Satisfaction A diverse workforce can better relate to and serve a broad customer base, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How to Create an Inclusive Workplace 

To establish an inclusive workplace, businesses can take these steps:

  • Make Your Workplace Accessible Ensure physical and digital accessibility for employees with disabilities, such as wheelchair ramps, accessible websites, and assistive technologies.
  • Provide Training on Disability Awareness Offer disability awareness training to employees to promote understanding and effective communication.
  • Create a Culture of Respect and Inclusion Foster a workplace culture that values diversity, respects differences, and actively includes everyone in decision-making processes.

Resources for Businesses 

AHRC Business Links offers essential resources to support businesses in their inclusion efforts:

  1. Training Videos Access educational videos on workplace inclusivity, disability awareness, and effective communication.
  2. Evaluation Documents Utilize evaluation forms to assess individual needs and implement tailored accommodations.
  3. Resource Guides Explore comprehensive guides covering legal aspects, job accommodations, and financial assistance programs.

Collaborating for a Brighter Future

As businesses and AHRC Nassau join forces through AHRC Business Links, they are not only creating inclusive workplaces but also contributing to a brighter future for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This collaboration transcends the workplace, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment within the community.


AHRC Business Links plays a pivotal role in promoting inclusive workplaces by facilitating collaboration between businesses and AHRC Nassau. By leveraging the available resources and adopting inclusive practices, businesses can not only enhance productivity but also contribute to a more equitable society.

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