How High Cast: Stoner Comedy Icons

In the realm of iconic stoner comedies, “How High” stands tall, leaving a haze of laughter in its wake. Released in 2001, this cult classic has garnered a dedicated following thanks, in no small part, to its remarkable How High cast. This article delves deep into the ensemble that made “How High” an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Method to the Madness

At the helm of “How High” are two hip-hop legends: Method Man and Redman. These rappers-turned-actors brought their infectious charisma and musical talent to the screen, portraying Silas and Jamal. They a two underachievers who discover the power of a magical strain of marijuana that enables them to excel academically. Method Man, whose real name is Clifford Smith, and Redman, born Reggie Noble, had a natural chemistry that translated seamlessly onto the screen. Their characters, Silas and Jamal, embodied the laid-back, weed-loving spirit that defines the stoner comedy genre.  Method Man’s Silas was the more reserved and contemplative of the duo while, Redman’s Jamal was the brash and impulsive half. This dynamic contrast made for a perfect comedic partnership. Their performances showcased not only their acting abilities but also their genuine friendship, making them the driving force behind the film’s success.

The Supporting Stars

While Method Man and Redman take the spotlight, the supporting cast is nothing short of stellar. Mike Epps, known for his stand-up comedy and impeccable timing, shines as Baby Powder, the hilariously over-the-top antagonist. Epps’s portrayal of Baby Powder as an eccentric and flamboyant campus drug dealer added a layer of absurdity to the film’s plot. Additionally takes on the role of the stern Dean Cain. Horsford’s performance as the no-nonsense dean of the fictional Harvard University adds depth and charm to the storyline. 

Her interactions with Silas and Jamal provide some of the film’s most memorable moments. Obba Babatundé, a respected character actor, plays Ivory, a mystical figure who guides the protagonists on their journey. Babatundé’s portrayal of Ivory as both wise and enigmatic adds a touch of mysticism to the otherwise lighthearted narrative.

Celebrity Cameos

One of the movie’s unique aspects is its parade of celebrity cameos. From Cypress Hill to Fred Willard, the film is peppered with famous faces that elevate the humor to new heights. Cypress Hill, a legendary hip-hop group known for their love of cannabis, made a memorable appearance as themselves, further cementing the film’s connection to the hip-hop culture. Fred Willard, a veteran comedic actor, lent his comedic talents to the film in a supporting role. 

Even Ben Franklin makes a tongue-in-cheek appearance, thanks to Jamal and Silas’s supernatural herb. They added an extra layer of entertainment for viewers, as they never knew which familiar face would pop up next.

The Legacy

“How High” remains a beloved gem in the stoner comedy genre, with its cast roling in its lasting appeal. Method Man and Redman’s infectious energy, combined with the diverse and talented supporting cast, make this movie a timeless classic that continues to find new audiences. The film’s unique blend of humor, music, and weed culture has contributed to its enduring popularity. 

“How High” has found a second life on streaming platforms, introducing the film to new generations. It has produced the viewers who appreciate its irreverent humor and unforgettable cast. Method Man and Redman, in particular, have become cultural icons, transcending their musical careers to leave an indelible mark on the world of comedy and film.


The How High Cast stands as a testament to the power of chemistry, talent, and a well-timed cameo. Method Man and Redman, along with their fellow actors, have left an indelible mark on the genre, ensuring that “How High” will be celebrated and cherished for generations to come. The ensemble cast’s collective charisma, comedic prowess, and ability to connect with audiences have solidified their place in cinematic history. 


Who are Method Man and Redman, and what roles do they play in “How High”?

They portray Silas and Jamal, two underachievers who discover the power of a magical strain of marijuana that helps them excel academically. Method Man plays Silas, the more reserved and contemplative of the duo, while Redman plays Jamal, the brash and impulsive half.

Are there any notable celebrity cameos in the movie?

Yes, “How High” features a range of celebrity cameos that add to the film’s entertainment value. Cypress Hill, a renowned hip-hop group, appears as themselves, connecting the film to the hip-hop culture. Fred Willard, a veteran comedic actor, also makes a memorable cameo in a supporting role.

What is the legacy of “How High” and its cast in the stoner comedy genre?

“How High” has become a beloved classic in the stoner comedy genre. Its cast has played a significant role in its enduring popularity. Method Man and Redman, in particular, have transcended their musical careers to become icons in the world of comedy and film. 

Where can I watch “How High” and experience the iconic cast for myself?

You can watch “How High” on various streaming platforms, making it easily accessible to a wide audience. Check popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or others to see if the movie is available for viewing. 

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