Navigating Success with Blue Rock Search: A Legacy of Excellence

In the dynamic realm of executive search and talent acquisition, Blue Rock Search has etched its name as a formidable force, guided by a vision that transcends conventional practices. Let’s delve into the journey of Blue Rock Search, exploring its origins, values, strategic growth, and unwavering commitment to building lasting relationships.

A Vision of Transformation

In 2015, the visionary trio of Chris Rios, Nancy Estep-Critchett, and Ruben Moreno converged their talents and diverse backgrounds to give life to Blue Rock Search. Their shared expertise in executive search, coupled with a decade-spanning cumulative experience. Laid the foundation for a company with a mission to “Change Lives and Organizations One Relationship at a Time.”

Core Values Shaping Success

Blue Rock Search thrives on three pillars: Trust, Mutuality, and Commitment. These values underpin every interaction, embodying the essence of a company that clients can rely on for unparalleled professionalism and representation.

1. Trust:

   Acting as a steadfast partner, Blue Rock Search consistently represents clients professionally, always operating in their best interests.

2. Mutuality:

   Transparent communication and alignment of goals create a mutual understanding, fostering strong partnerships between Blue Rock and its clients.

3. Commitment:

   Dedicated to serving clients throughout the entire process, Blue Rock establishes relationships built on trust and enduring commitment.

Sanford Rose Associates

In 2018, Blue Rock Search made a strategic decision to join Sanford Rose Associates (SRA), an accolade-winning “10th Largest U.S. Search Firm.” This alliance empowers Blue Rock Search with access to a global network of 200+ search firms, professional search experts, and consultative support, elevating the caliber of talent delivery for clients.

Expansion and Recognition

Blue Rock Search’s growth journey includes the acquisition and integration of ReCreation Partners in Cleveland, Ohio, fortifying its Human Resources practice. In 2020, Blue Rock earned MBE Certification, a testament to its commitment to diversity and excellence in recruitment.

A Tribute to Chris Rios

In June 2022, the Blue Rock Search family mourned the loss of Founding Partner and CX Practice Leader, Chris Rios. His legacy, shaped by a commitment to superior customer experience, remains ingrained in the values that continue to guide the company.

Present and Future

Blue Rock Search’s footprint extends from Sarasota, Florida, to Knoxville, Tennessee, with virtual team members spanning the country. MBE Certified and focused on four key practice areas—Human Resources, Franchise, Customer Experience, and Higher Education—Blue Rock Search delivers executive recruiting and staffing services to clients of all sizes in the United States and globally.

Upholding Values, Building Relationships

No matter the location, Blue Rock team members embody the values of trust, mutuality, commitment, and “Relationships Built to Last.” As an MBE Certified member of the Sanford Rose Associates network. Blue Rock Search stands at the forefront of the executive search landscape, finding people who make a difference.


Blue Rock Search is not just a search firm; it is a legacy of excellence, a testament to visionary leadership, and a commitment to transforming lives and organizations—one relationship at a time. As they continue to navigate success. BlueRock Search remains a beacon of integrity, innovation, and lasting impact in the world of executive recruitment.

1. What makes Blue Rock Search stand out in the executive search industry?

   BlueRock Search distinguishes itself through a visionary leadership trio, a commitment to core values (Trust, Mutuality, and Commitment), and strategic alliances such as joining Sanford Rose Associates. This positions them as a formidable force in the dynamic realm of talent acquisition.

2. How does Blue Rock Search prioritize building lasting relationships with clients?

   Blue Rock Search places a strong emphasis on their core values—Trust, Mutuality, and Commitment. Through transparent communication, alignment of goals, and dedicated commitment, they forge strong and enduring partnerships with their clients.

   Joining Sanford Rose Associates in 2018 provided BlueRock Search with access to a global network of 200+ search firms, professional search experts, and consultative support. This alliance enhances their ability to deliver top-tier talent to clients, elevating the overall caliber of their services.

4. How does Blue Rock Search address diversity and excellence in recruitment?

   BlueRock Search’s commitment to diversity is evident through the acquisition and integration of ReCreation Partners, fortifying their Human Resources practice. The MBE Certification earned in 2020 further underscores their dedication to diversity and excellence in the recruitment process.

5. How does the legacy of Chris Rios continue to influence Blue Rock Search after his passing in June 2022?

   Chris Rios’s legacy, shaped by a commitment to superior customer experience, remains ingrained in BlueRock Search’s values. His contributions continue to guide the company, ensuring a dedication to excellence, innovation, and lasting impact in the world of executive recruitment.

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